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We offer Environmental Health & Safety Training Courses 

Our Onsite Environmental Health & Safety Training Courses ​​​

Accident Investigation & Reporting


Aging Work Force

Arc Flash Safety

Asbestos Safety & Awareness

Back Safety & Safe Lifting

Basic Air Monitoring

Bloodborne Pathogens

Compressed Gas Safety

Confined Space Safety


Cuts, Scrapes & Puncture Prevention

Dealing With Angry People

Distracted Driving

Drug & Alcohol Awareness for Supervisors

Egress, Fire Prevention & Fire Protection

Electrical Safety

Emergency Action Plans


Ethylene Oxide

Excavation & Trenching Safety

Extension Cord Safety

Fall Protection

Fire Extinguisher Use

First Aid

Flammable & Combustible Liquids

Formaldehyde Safety

Grounds-Keeping Safety

Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)

Hazard Identification

Hazardous Materials Awareness

Hazardous Waste Management

Hearing Conservation & Noise Control

Heat & Cold Stress

Hot Work - Welding, Brazing & Cutting 

Housekeeping Safety                                      


Job Safety Analysis

Kitchen Safety

Laboratory Safety

Ladders & Scaffolds

Lead Awareness

Lock-Out / Tag-Out

Machine Guarding

Managing Emergencies

Mechanical Equipment Safety

Mercury Awareness

Mold Awareness

Near Misses

Opiate Addiction

Powered Industrial Trucks

Personal Protective Equipment

Preventing Back Injuries

Process Safety Management

Rabies Awareness

Respiratory Protection

Restaurant/Food Service Safety

Return To Work Programs

Right To Know

Safe Lifting & Material Handling

Safe Vehicle Operation

Safety Training for Supervisors

Safety When Working Alone

Slip, Trip & Fall Prevention

Sprain & Strain Prevention

Ventilation Basics

Walking & Working Surfaces

Wellness Programs

Workplace Safety Committee

Workplace Violence              

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